Pavilions & Exhibitions

A well-crafted pavilion at the exhibition offers significant advantages for its company. That’s why we have established a dedicated department solely for this field. Our Exhibitions and Installations department is responsible for all aspects of exhibition design, booth design, and display facilities. This includes interior design for pop-up events and more. From conceptualization and practical implementation to carpentry solutions and construction, as well as advanced multimedia systems, we provide full support at every stage of the process. This ensures that your booth is the most attractive, professional, and prominent at the event.

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Concept for Pavilions at the Exhibition

A pavilion (or an exhibition stand for a smaller scale) is primarily a marketing move aimed at conveying the values and messages of the product according to a clear and well-defined strategy. Therefore, the design of the pavilion should support this strategy and marketing story. The design emerges from the concept, which is essentially the key to the successful presentation of the company's products and services. In a busy exhibition and a lively environment, a pavilion with a unique and clear concept helps differentiate it from others and attracts the attention of visitors, making it unforgettable among the sea of displays. This can create a lasting impression that encourages visitors to interact, remember, and share their experience with others even long after the exhibition. Our content department supports the Pavilions and Exhibition Stands department in creating the best concept for your exhibition stand.
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Types and Styles of Booths and Exhibition Stands

In the dynamic world of exhibitions, a diverse range of design styles, materials, technological elements, multimedia, and art comes into play. Each type and style of booth serves a distinct purpose and possesses unique capabilities. As a company specializing in booth planning and design, our objective is to achieve the most impressive configuration of an exhibition space. We strive to maximize the use of the booth area, enhance the prominence of the brand, product, or service, and optimize the budget. Our expertise extends to various booth types, including LED booths, wooden structure booths, lightbox booths, and multimedia-integrated booths with advanced technological systems and set walls. All of these are accomplished with the guidance of our creative team, ensuring a customized and impactful presence for your brand in the exhibition arena.

Creating an interactive experience at exhibitions - perfect brand representation!

In today's dynamic world of exhibitions, brands are constantly looking for innovative ways to attract interested parties. The booth at an exhibition is your communication center with your customers, so in addition to precise architecture and proper design, it is important to create an engagement with the audience through interactive activities. AR technology can be used to visualize a product in 3D and experience it in real time, touch screens for watching videos or playing games related to the brand's offerings, photo booths for souvenirs from the booth, and more. We know how to create a sensory experience in the booth that aligns with the brand's identity. This involves background music selection, multimedia screens, the creation of conversation areas, coffee stands with enchanting aromas, and merchandising items like branded popsicles. Importantly, all interactive activities seamlessly support the overall booth concept, ensuring a cohesive and memorable experience.