Shows & Concept Events

As creative individuals, we believe in diversity and the ability to bring any idea to life. Our concept shows and events are not just “events”, but experiences that change the perception of reality. Don’t ask for a reference from us because your event is a creative process that is specially and personally built for you by a large team of creators. We are a company that constantly renews itself, and in recent years, we have become a dominant entity that initiates shows and concept events for the general audience.


The stage of the future!

Combining studio capabilities in the realm of video, alongside a profound understanding of advanced technologies in Unreal, artificial intelligence, augmented and virtual reality, and holograms, positions us at the forefront of a wide array of projects in the events and stage performance domains. AI technology empowers us to analyze available data like images, videos, and voice recordings of artists, enabling the creation of virtual avatars. Essentially, we transform the stage into a meeting point for physical people and virtual avatars, completely blurring the boundary, making it impossible to distinguish who is a real person and who is not. For instance, experiencing a performance by your favorite singer who has passed away can be a surreal journey, evoking memories and nostalgia connected to that artist or providing an opportunity to see them once again, albeit in a different form. It's noteworthy that we approach the avatar creation process with respect, sensitivity, and approval from the deceased's family or estate.

Thinking Outside the Box – More Than Just a Slogan, It's a Lifestyle

Creating quality content requires creativity and talent. That's why in our content department, you'll find the best creative minds in the field – those who are always seeking ways to innovate and stand out. Our content and creative team is composed of scriptwriters specializing in storytelling, video creators, music producers, graphic designers, and marketing and strategy professionals. Every creative process is accompanied by our content production team, led by our director. Our content department excels in producing technologically integrated video presentations for events, conferences, and stage performances. Upon receiving the brief from you, we start thinking about how to blend video content, multimedia, theatrical techniques, immersive experiences, and interactive worlds to make your event or performance truly unique and memorable

Company Events Turning into Shows

In recent years, businesses have become increasingly competitive, constantly seeking innovative ways to stand out. Today, company events have evolved significantly, moving beyond their traditional role as platforms for passing on information. Companies now recognize the value of participant engagement, viewing events not just as internal meetings but as entertaining encounters and marketing opportunities. They've begun combining interactive elements and experiential activities to make events impactful, with the potential to garner positive exposure on social networks and in the media. Our content department ensures to provide you with a dazzling concept, a captivating host, sophisticated presentations, vibrant lighting, surprising technical details, stunning visual and auditory effects, and top-notch artists. All of this is aimed at creating an unforgettable evening for you - it's more than just a company event; it's an unforgettable show.