Vacation & Incentive Trips in Israel and Abroad

Most companies and organizations recognize the importance of vacation events and incentive trips. In addition to improving employee well-being, company vacations and incentive trips are significant tools for team building, contributing to the success of cooperation within the organization – cooperation that translates into the success of the quality of the work output of company departments and teams.
Whether it’s organizing company vacations and incentive trips domestically or in attractive destinations abroad, our department will be able to find activities and exotic destinations for you in Israel and abroad, unique culinary experiences, and create concept events for you in the field, combining television formats with activities for all company employees, and more.


Vacation in Israel

Sure, flying the whole company to Greece right now sounds tempting and especially rewarding, but it's not always necessary to go to other countries in order to have a high-level company vacation and team-building trip. Ultimately, breaking out of routine, whether it's a half-day, a full day, or even a long and indulgent weekend, must include what we love to call the ""wow"" effect. We work constantly with the leading hotels in the country, know the best restaurants and the most enjoyable activities, find creative solutions for every budget, and ensure that your vacation includes original and tailored content for the group.
נופש חברה בחו"ל

Vacation Abroad

The feeling of reward that employees feel when they are taken on a company vacation abroad is incredible! In order to fulfill this dream, you must take into account that this is a production that requires international logistic capabilities and strong connections with various suppliers from around the world. In such productions, it is highly advisable to have a production company by your side that will accompany you every step of the way, starting from creating the vacation concept, through its branding, and up to finding the most valuable destinations and resorts that your employees have only dreamed of reaching. We are committed to taking care of your flight tickets, insurance, transportation and mobility of employees in various vehicles, and booking attractions in the hottest places there are. These are just a few examples of what is called "production of a company vacation abroad" - and quality is non-negotiable!

Incentive trips

In general, choosing Incentive/motivating trips for a company is a smart and accurate decision when you want to strengthen and unite all the company teams. Typically, this is a day trip without accommodation, with enjoyable activities, and its purpose is to allow team members to get to know and open to one another. The main advantage of Incentive trips is creating new working relationships between departments. If you want to celebrate the company's success, achieve new goals, celebrate the beginning or end of the year, and overall reward and give employees positive inspiration and refreshment - incentive trips are the most rewarding gift.