3D Video Productions

3D videos are an excellent way to convey a message that regular animated or 2D videos can’t quite capture. Whether it’s in the medical field or the world of TV and film, we have the right solution to communicate your message. Our leading studio consists of video editors, After Effects specialists, animators, graphic designers, and professionals with over ten years of experience in complex editing software and advanced technological tools. Trust us, you’re in good hands!


Realistic 3D animation

In recent years, 3D animation has become accessible even for small and medium-sized companies that previously could not invest large sums of money. Today, thanks to technological advancements, 3D productions require a reasonable budget, are done relatively quickly, and look "million-dollar". In the entertainment industry, 3D films and virtual reality games provide impressive experiences in which almost any scenario, no matter how crazy, can still be executed. In education, 3D content can enhance learning and facilitate understanding of the material by embedding it in any desired environment and characters. In fields such as medicine and engineering, marketing and advertising, 3D films can serve as a tool for visualizing a product or a realistic scenario and provide added value to the customer in the internal development of the product or service. 3D content has become a powerful tool for storytelling, teaching, and marketing, which increases its demand and importance in the market today.

When the film industry met computer games

in graphic processing capabilities in the last decade combined with game engines like Unity and Unreal, the level of accuracy and ability to create high-quality three-dimensional environments and characters with a realistic appearance has increased significantly. Even as professionals in the field, we sometimes struggle to distinguish between what is realistic and what is not in movies and online videos. The ability to create realistic elements solely using a computer gives us an advantage in the field of visualization - reaching a virtual result that precisely demonstrates to us and the customer how the final product will look in reality. In the film industry, we can tell a completely fictional story and direct scenarios as we please (and as our customers please), and in the marketing industry, the more realistically we depict a product or service, the more reliable satisfaction we will create for the end customer - what you see is what you get.

The use of game engines for video production

Game engines have entered the film industry as a leading player, combined with projection technologies on screens in studios, we can film scenes in different and complex environments at the touch of a button. In the past, in order to shoot a scene in the desert, for example, you would have to travel to the Sahara or bring the desert into the studio (which would greatly dirty the floor), but today we can create a virtual environment that looks completely realistic and incorporate it - a desert, jungle, rooftop of a skyscraper, or landing on the moon - all in one day of shooting! The system calculates the position of the characters within the set, and the physical lighting also changes according to the virtual environment - all in real time. The director, along with the entire production team, can already see the finished picture on the day of shooting, before even entering the editing studio.