Advertisements & Clips

In the ever-evolving world of media and entertainment, one thing is absolutely clear – if you want to grab the attention of your audience, you need to go big or go home! Today, any company looking to create an advertisement or a singer looking to produce a music video seeks to leave their viewers in awe. That’s exactly why we are here, to ensure that every advertisement or music video is impressive, professional, and dazzling. We know how to bring the idea to life and execute it in a way that provides the best experience possible.


What is the pre-production step?

The pre-production stage is the planning stage before actual filming takes place. Firstly, the process begins with developing a concept together with the artist or client in order to establish a creative idea for the video. Then, scriptwriting and storyboarding are continued, as well as location scouting where they examine where and how the video will be shot. Afterwards, they move on to casting if the video includes additional actors, and assembling the production team, which includes a director, cameraman, soundman, lighting, art designer, costume designer, makeup artist, and additional crew members according to the requirements and the necessary equipment. Once we have obtained all the necessary approvals for the filming, including the use of copyrighted materials, we can start the filming. The pre-production stage sets the foundation for a successful execution of the video clip and ensures that the video aligns with the artistic vision, stays within the budget, and continues smoothly in the production and post-production stages.
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What is the post-production step?

The post-production stage is the stage in which raw footage is transformed into the finished clip, and it includes various technical and creative processes. The video editor reviews the footage, cuts the best sequences, arranges them in a sequence that tells the story, performs transitions, and adds visual effects (VFX) and graphic elements as needed. Color correction is then done according to the visual style. A sound designer works on improving sound quality, adds music, sound effects, and dialogue as needed, so that the audio complements the visuals. After completing all the editing and post-production work, a final version of the clip or commercial is composed for testing and approval (Final Cut), and finally, the final version is exported in the appropriate format and resolution for distribution and viewing on different platforms such as YouTube and television.

The Importance of Storyboarding in the Production of a Video Clip or Advertisement

A storyboard is a graphic tool used in the video production process, intended to plan and present the story in a visual and clear way. The storyboard includes a series of images or drawings that illustrate the story's progress, camera angles, visual effects, texts, and all the graphical ideas required for each scene in the production of a video clip or advertisement. The storyboard helps the entire team, especially the director, cameraman, and editor, to understand the ideas and goals of the project, coordinate them together, and clearly understand how the clip or advertisement will appear. Through effective communication and pre-planned cinematography, time and resources can be optimized on set, leading to reduced filming costs. Additionally, identifying potential problems or challenges in scene execution before filming allows for finding solutions in advance.