High-Tech Events with BY GROUP

High-tech companies have a profound impact on all of us, society, and the environment. They strive for constant innovation, invest heavily in research and development, launch new products, and employ the best minds and human capital. Therefore, when the time comes to stop everything and produce a business event, you must choose the best production company for the job.


At BY Productions, we are simply the best at turning original ideas into reality. We are here for you with a full suite of services under one roof, and we are excited to produce an event for you that will generate buzz.

Events We've Produced

הפקות לחברות הייטק - ליאור סושרד

So What Do We Actually Do?

In two words – everything! We’ll think together with you about the concept, plan, coordinate expectations, and start running ideas. Just like in the high-tech world, we also love to think big, bring out innovative ideas from within ourselves, and produce events that have never been seen before. We are aware that not all companies are created equal, so there’s no reason to recycle ideas. We’ve assembled the most talented people in the production world, and they will accompany you every step of the way, investing time, energy, and resources to produce an immersive employee experience for all participants because that’s what we do best.


When planning a business event, there are many details to consider. When immersed daily in such an advanced technological environment, the need to innovate and bring something special is quite natural. We are the best at thinking about all the little details that will reflect the technological progress that characterizes your company and present your brand in the best possible way. Advanced technological solutions? Interesting gimmicks? Event world fashion trends? We always have our finger on the pulse.


An event is the perfect way to show everyone what you’re made of. Contact us, and we’ll make sure to produce a high-tech event for you that will perpetuate the image you aspire to present!