Logistics & Technical Production

Our operations and logistics services have solutions for various production needs. Our company has a 600-square-meter logistics center with storage space, a variety of furniture, technical equipment, and a fleet of vehicles that work across the country. We also have a workshop where all production work happens. With creative solutions, skilled professionals, and close support, we make sure the outcome is just what you want!


Safety Above All

Part of our operational system includes a technical production team specializing in licensing, engineering, and managing construction approval. Building and safety permits are required for events to ensure that venues, stages, equipment, and structures comply with specific safety regulations, standards, and safety protocols. This includes fire safety, structural stability, crowd management, accessibility for people with disabilities, noise, ventilation, alcohol service, food safety, regional laws, and environmental impact. We are committed to maintaining high safety standards, ensuring a high level of quality control to safeguard the well-being of everyone involved in the event, both staff and audience. We ensure that our operations are conducted safely, legally, and responsibly within its environment.

In-House Carpentry

Why is it worthwhile for us to have an in-house carpentry? Well, operating an in-house carpentry service might sound unconventional, but having an in-house carpentry allows us to offer personalized solutions for specific logistical needs. Whether it's designing unique surfaces or constructing complex structures, in-house carpentry enables immediate changes and quick adjustments. Additionally, external carpentry projects can be costly and time-consuming. With an in-house carpentry team, we can save costs and expenses and have control over the materials we use – we always prefer using environmentally friendly materials or designing facilities for reuse. Our in-house carpentry ensures quality control over the planning and construction of logistical infrastructure, positively impacting efficiency and leading to better products.

Internal Vehicle Fleet

Have you ever seen a truck with a giant B.Y logo on the road? Our logistics department holds and operates a large vehicle fleet, allowing us to expand our operations continuously and anywhere according to demand. While maintaining a vehicle fleet entails fuel and maintenance expenses, in the end, it can be cost-effective compared to external transportation services. Moreover, relying on an internal vehicle fleet gives us much greater control over operations and availability. We also have assurance that everything has reached its destination correctly and as needed. In summary, an active internal vehicle fleet is not just a strategic advantage but a cornerstone for the success of a company specializing in manufacturing and logistics.