Launch Events

Launching events are the most effective practice for exposing innovations and organizational news to the world and potential customers. Launching a product is a thoughtful task that requires a production house that knows how to combine logistical needs with promotional and marketing needs, while correctly reading the market and competitors, in order to create a great positive and effective Buzz. From the moment the concept is conceived, through proper communication of the launch in the media, to the smallest details of the event itself – a successful production of a launch event is one that everyone hears about, everyone wants to be invited to, and one that strengthens the company’s reputation in the market.


What is your key message to the world?

At the launching event, you can talk about the goals, vision, and plans of the company, present the added value it offers to customers, and discuss the challenges and efforts invested in realizing its idea. Proper conceptualizing of the launching event should primarily echo the values of the company and the brand, and additionally define the innovation and importance of the product/branding/feature being launched. According to the key messages, all aspects that make up your product launch will be designed. This includes the press releases sent to the media, the specific invitations issued, the location, the served refreshments, and extends to the "after-advertisements" in all relevant communication channels and media. A launching event can help build relationships, attract new customers, improve existing customer relations, and is extremely crucial for a business.

Time & place

Proper timing is the key to creating great appreciation and positioning your product as the most relevant thing today among the customer base. In addition to interpreting the existing market need and understanding the competitors' strategy, timing the launch of such a product or event is critical to its success. Aside from the day and time, in the planning of launch events, the location in which they will be held must be taken into account: the location must be accessible and convenient for the invitees (media and infloancers) because without them, it will be difficult to make your product launch event take off. Additionally, the nature of the location where the launch event takes place and its prestige will attract a larger audience, resulting in more effective media coverage.

Launch an event without PR? There is no such thing

Aside from the right concept, location, and timing, authentic public discussion about the product you are launching is what will increase your customer base. Public relations (PR) are a means of indirectly influencing target audiences through various communication channels (Facebook, Instagram, newspaper articles, etc.) and with the help of influencers, who will strengthen the credibility of your advertising and products. Since the PR department knows the target audience and the communication channels to which it is exposed well, it can ensure ultimate exposure, which is why launching a product without PR is not possible.