What makes us the leading production company in the market is our ability to create and produce countless unique and unforgettable concepts for all types of events. From the moment we receive the brief to its actual production, we always know how to recruit the best and most talented, creative and experienced professionals, for the simple reason that this is the only way to ensure an immersive, precise, and original event that aligns perfectly with our clients’ values.


Company Events

From boutique event productions and large-scale business events to parties and mega concerts featuring the most sought-after artists in Israel and around the world.

Israeli Parliament

Government Conferences

Conferences, symposiums, and seminars for governmental and professional bodies, with close accompaniment from the moment of tender submission until the end of the event.

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Broadcast events

Producing virtual conferences with innovative and groundbreaking technological features, broadcasted “live” to every place in the world.


Vacation & Incentive Trips in Israel and Abroad

Company vacation production, trips and incentive events in Israel and abroad, combined with attractions, workshops, ODT activities and more.


Launch Events

Product/Branding/Presenters/New Projects Launch is a production that combines logistical requirements with promotional and marketing needs