Video Production with BY GROUP

One of the biggest advantages of BY is our studio. The studio consists of video editors, afterists, graphic designers, and experienced professionals who know how to produce films at the highest level. There’s nothing our studio can’t do – from corporate videos, product videos, commercials, training videos, recruitment videos, clips, animation, 3D videos, and of course, complementary items for your event.

The studio is accompanied by a creative and content team that is available and attentive to you throughout the process until you receive the final, winning product.

Videos We've Produced:

הפקת סרטוני וידאו

We'll Find All the Creative Ways to Promote Your Story

A professional, well-edited video allows you to share your unique story with customers. With it, customers get a glimpse into the inside of the brand, they can consume value-added knowledge, learn something new about your field, all in a dynamic and visual way.

Since all companies are different from each other, there’s no reason for your videos to replicate the success of others. You need to go viral on your own, and we’ll be happy to help you. Video production is an art, and our team has all the passion and talent to capture your vision and share it in the most creative way.

Our creativity and ability to think of unique concepts that have never been thought of before are our strengths, and with them, we can tell your story to your target audience in different and diverse ways, tailored to your expectations and requirements.

הפקות וידאו - BY

How Do We Do It?

When filming a video, you need to think in terms of the right angles, flattering lighting, effects, background music, scripts and scenes, and also evoke emotion in the viewers so they can identify and keep watching.

Such a production involves a very in-depth process, requiring familiarity with you and all your desires, and a lot of involvement from both sides, but these are precisely the things we love and know how to do.

BY Productions’ professional team knows how to combine all the elements together and create a stunning video that conveys the message in an accurate and artistic way as possible.

אירועים משודרים וירטואליים

We're Excited to Produce Your Video Too!

Producing a winning video requires a great deal of skill and expertise. The subject, elements, tone, and goals of each video are unique and vary from company to company, so a lot of personalization and in-depth understanding of your needs are required.

At BY Productions, we have extensive knowledge in the field, professional technical equipment, and all the expertise required to create video productions for you that will exceed any vision and present you in the right light.

We are flexible enough to meet your needs and creative enough for your videos to get as many views as possible, thus serving the purpose for which they were created in the best possible way.

Don’t let your business blend in with the rest. Contact us and you’ll be able to start standing out. We’ll accompany you every step of the way and turn your vision into a video that’s simply impossible to ignore.