Display Platforms

In conferences and exhibitions, display stands play a key role in boosting sales and enhancing brand attraction. We specialize in planning, producing, and installing custom display stands tailored to the marketing messages you want to convey to the target audience. This includes pop-up displays, banners, roll-up stands, advertising walls, designed counters, and more. The display stands are modular, allowing them to present your products or logos in the most impressive, effective, and accurate way possible.


Mix & Match for the Perfect Display

There are various types of display stands, including lightboxes, newspaper walls, roll-ups, flags, and more. Each element can function independently, but when combined strategically, you can create a complete display that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. Hanging signs, banners, or large decorations with the brand logo can attract attention from a distance. Using TVs or digital screens to showcase videos or presentations will prolong visitor engagement. Display shelves or illuminated stands can highlight specific products, while integrating touch screens, tablets, or interactive kiosks allows visitors to explore your services in a more hands-on way. Podiums and counters can serve as functional elements for product demonstrations or as points for interaction with visitors. In short, provide us with the brief, and we'll know which display stands to use to assemble your perfect setup.
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Displaying stands for Large Products

Presenting large products that require a special display at an exhibition can be a challenge, but we love challenges. So, to showcase a large product, the first thing we do is understand comprehensively what the product is, its dimensions, weight, specific requirements, and its intended presentation style. We then choose the surface that will serve its purpose. This could be a custom-built platform, a specially designed floor, or any surface that enhances the appearance and functionality of the product. Next, we plan the layout in the display area, taking into account the product's size, the available space at the exhibition, and the audience's viewpoint. Of course, we ensure that the surface allows easy and safe access for participants. Remember, large products have a significant impact at an exhibition and can leave a lasting impression on visitors.
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Display Stands Including Mockups

At times, certain complex products lack enough original models. Since presenting the model in a physical space is the only way to understand its functionality and size, and there's no reason not to showcase the product at the exhibition, we rely on our ability to create a replica. The advantage of our 'In-House' studio and operations & logistics team lies in the ability to produce prototypes, three-dimensional models, and mockups of all types of products. The model will be built in the same size as the original but from different materials, and it can be used again in future exhibitions or even in the company's offices. Trust us that through advanced techniques, we'll successfully replicate even the most intricate designs, allowing you to present your products convincingly. Perhaps you'll even find yourselves confused between the original and the replica.