Content & Technology

In today’s technological and advanced era, multimedia and video content have become central tools in the world of marketing and communication. Recognizing this need, we have incorporated these elements into our practices. The task of our content department is to seamlessly merge the real world with the virtual world, create new methods for audience involvement and interaction, and leverage technology to craft unforgettable experiences for events and exhibitions. Our team consists of experts at the forefront of AI, AR, VR, metaverse development, and holographic technology, ensuring we push the boundaries of creativity.


The transition from Passive to Active Events

The days when events consisted solely of physical gatherings with presentations and speeches, where participants were mere spectators of what was happening before them - those days are gone. Nowadays, whether it's a corporate conference, an exhibition, or a show, there is no such thing as an event without content. Content serves as a catalyst, motivates levels of engagement, and the audience expects more than just a passive experience. Participants crave interaction, such as live broadcasts, social media integrations, virtual reality experiences, and various interactive activities. Content plays a crucial role in promoting and maintaining a brand's relationship with its employees or customers. At B.Y, we recognize the utmost importance of content in an event or exhibition, and our team will create a comprehensive content strategy for you based on your goals.

How do different technologies manifest in content?

Utilizing various technologies is ideal for creating dynamic storytelling, presenting interactive products, and enhancing engagement and influence on the audience. For example, creating video content, AI, and using artificial intelligence make films more persuasive, accurate, and futuristic; in exhibitions, augmented reality (AR) overlays digital elements onto physical spaces, providing visitors with a unique way to explore products and services; and in the world of events, virtual reality (VR) transports audiences to entirely new virtual realms, creating deep personal interactions with content. Additionally, by integrating the Metaverse, we merge the physical and digital worlds, creating social interactions and dynamic experiences among global audiences. Add 3D holograms and avatars to the mix, and your event will become something unlike anything seen before.

How do different technologies manifest in stage systems?

In order to maximize the event experience, we leverage technological systems. For example, in stages that incorporate movable surfaces, we can dynamically change the shape, texture, and characteristics of the stage, creating unique and variable environments according to the client's narrative. Another example is the use of synchronized lighting systems with video systems. These systems automatically adapt the color, intensity, and timing to the content on the screen, enriching the audience's viewing experience by reducing eye strain and creating the desired atmosphere. Additionally, we build and program complex control systems for conferences and events. We carefully choose and integrate ecological equipment, harmonize the systems according to musical cues, and conduct meticulous technical rehearsals to ensure a smooth and simultaneous event.