Company Events Production

A corporate event is a sparkling occasion that everyone talks about, looks forward to, and wants to be a part of – and that is exactly our expertise at B.Y.
With years of experience in the field, managing large-scale events in Israel and beyond, and collaborating with creative individuals, writers, and the best minds in the industry, we are positioned as the leading company in the field of corporate event production. In every event production, one goal stands before us: to create a dazzling, original, and unforgettable event.


End-to-end production management

Corporate event production is a complex task that requires great and impressive operational capabilities, according to the predetermined budget frame. In order to achieve a perfect result, one must take into account all logistics, content, and event promotion matters. The operation management is carried out from end to end, anticipating potential issues in advance (such as weather changes, electrical problems, or delays) and preventing them through proper planning. In every production, whether it is a local corporate event or an international project that includes multiple locations and foreign artists, exceptional production skills are required, including working with a detailed and meticulous checklist and conducting a final check 24 hours before the event. Only through control and order can we ensure that the event will run smoothly and achieve perfect results.

What makes corporate event production an unforgettable experience?

The key to transforming corporate event production into an exciting and memorable moment lies in the ability to narrate the company's story in a creative and innovative manner. To fulfill a client's fantasy, meticulous attention to the smallest details is crucial, as each element holds significant importance. Crafting an event is an art. We develop a concept that is brought to life through multimedia installations, thoughtfully designed spaces, artistic flower arrangements, monumental carpentry installations, and every element that ensures participants feel truly acknowledged. From carefully selected catering and background music to the types of cocktails served, upholstery choices for seating corners, decor, lighting, the scents permeating the event space, and social media communication — every aspect is thoughtfully planned and characterized to elevate the event on multiple levels. This comprehensive approach allows us to achieve the highest standards in the realm of production and corporate event execution.

Events Production for Tech Companies

The tech industry is continuously driving solutions and technological innovations that shape the global landscape. Whether it's internal events, business gatherings, or conferences for these companies, event production should not only reward their employees but also provide an exceptional experience. For international events, it becomes crucial to outwardly reflect the company's values, unique capabilities, leadership, and innovation. In the tech sector, productions generate buzz through renowned artists, unique venues, global media coverage, etc. Beyond offering a one-time experience for participants, these events serve as a platform for PR, corporate branding, and employer reputation. They effectively preserve the company's talent pool and serve as magnets for attracting new talents.