Animation Videos for Businesses

Many businesses invest time and effort in developing the perfect product or providing top-notch services. However, even the most successful products and services will fail to break into the market without a proper marketing strategy. There are various ways to market products and services, and one of the most effective ways to capture your target audience’s attention is through animation videos.

At BY Productions, we know how to convey your marketing messages in animated and dynamic ways, as creatively as possible. We will be happy to harness all our skills and talents to develop an unforgettable animation video for you.

Why is Producing Animation Videos a Smart Marketing Investment?

Through animation videos, you can convey the features and benefits of your product or service in simple, visually appealing, and easy-to-understand ways. Animation videos offer greater flexibility and maximum creativity on a budget-friendly budget, but to maximize their effectiveness, you need to choose a professional company.

We don’t imitate others; instead, we want to produce original and inspiring content for you that will help you break through boundaries and give you an advantage in a competitive world. To do this, we will study your competition in the market, aim for outstanding messages, raise the bar, and differentiate your video from others.

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Producing quality animation videos requires expertise, creativity, and out-of-the-box thinking. BY Productions’ animation artists can help you think of creative concepts, develop scripts, cast voice talents, and use leading animation techniques to exceed expectations and deliver exceptional results. Business animation videos help you achieve your desired outcomes simply and effectively. If your goal is to sell a product, showcase a service, or explain a concept to a broad audience, contact us, and we will be happy to produce an animation video that will leave your target audience updated.

The Process of Producing a Business Video:

Defining Your Needs and Building a Concept

Every business is different from the one before it, so to build a concept and come up with an idea for a video, we first need to understand your needs and the messages you want to convey. We also want to understand the essence of the business and all its components. Therefore, the first step is a joint meeting where we will define your needs, deeply understand the goals behind producing the video, and think of a unique concept and idea that speaks your language.

After coming up with an idea and building a concept that you approve, we move on to writing the video script and gathering all the ideas we had in the previous stage in one place. The script writing is done in stages until we align with you and manage to convey the message you want to convey in your animation video.

After we have a script and everyone approves it, we’ve reached the stage we’ve been waiting for—the design stage. Throughout the process, we strive to choose a design that speaks to the business and suits the video in the best possible way. Of course, we will send you an initial draft for approval, and after receiving your feedback, we can progress to the creative stage of creating the animation.

When producing an animation video, there are many possibilities, and the selection is vast. The choice often depends on the previous stages of building the concept and choosing the design for the video, and this will also be our starting point. Here too, we will create an initial draft, and after receiving your approval, we will tie up all the loose ends and address all the details that make the difference in creating a unique animation video for your business.

After the animation video is ready, we will add the final touches, such as sound effects, music, and voice-overs. Of course, here too, we do our best with the leading professionals in the field, and the result will take your video to the next level, significantly enhancing the viewing experience.

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How Can an Animation Video Help Your Company?

Many businesses are unsure whether it’s worth producing an animation video, but from our experience, the investment is definitely worthwhile. Animation videos have become one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing tools compared to other digital marketing tools. If you’re unsure how an animation video can help your company or business, here are the key points:

Your Story Becomes Visual

Every business has a story and message they want to convey to customers. An animation video allows customers to see your story, not just hear it. When you engage more senses in the marketing aspect, you impact viewers more, help them connect with you, and increase their engagement. Moreover, through animation, you can simplify more complex information and make its presentation more interesting and easier to understand.

Your Story is Conveyed Authentically

When you present your story to customers, you reveal another facet of your business, as well as its authenticity. Customers appreciate a brand that expresses itself authentically, and they can reward you for that by sharing information about the business with family and friends.

Videos are the Most Current Content

Every business has a website and presents itself on digital media, and many businesses use animation videos to market themselves, if only because, in a world where everyone produces content, videos are considered current and much more relevant. It’s so much more convenient to present your products or services in a brand and animation video than to put everything in writing.

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Google and YouTube Also Prefer Animation Videos

In addition to customers, major search engines like Google also prefer animation videos over other types of content, especially after Google acquired YouTube and began prioritizing videos over other types of content. Today, videos often rank at the top of Google search results for many terms because Google knows how much higher user engagement videos receive.

Better Interaction with the Target Audience

The written word has immense value; we use it to write our excellent scripts. But animation undoubtedly breathes life into any script, and beyond that, the video creates an interaction with the target audience that can watch, react, feel, and experience the brand and the messages it conveys.

A Video Can Go Viral Faster

It’s already proven: videos generate much more engagement, get more shares, and can increase traffic to your site by a huge percentage compared to written content and images. Besides social media, even when you send emails to customers, the word “video” increases the click-through rate.

Increased Organic Traffic to the Website

Animation videos not only increase organic traffic to your website but also cause visitors to stay there longer. When the video is high-quality and well-produced, it can significantly increase organic traffic to the site and attract customers over time, making your site more attractive to Google and other search engines.

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And now, after understanding the many advantages of animation videos for businesses, we invite you to see examples of animation videos we’ve already produced, draw inspiration, and contact us so we can start producing your unique animation video!