Promotional & Product Videos

Producing promotional and products videos is essential for any company, organization, or business that wants to increase their sales and customer base. Moreover, promotional videos are part of the business’s branding system (together with the logo, website, and design language) and actually serve as a business card. Not only that, high-quality promotional videos serve as a standard for the quality of the company and its products. In our studio, we have the leading creators and professionals in the industry to ensure promotional videos for your businesses at the highest level.

סרטוני תדמית

Promotional videos - the profitable investment

Amidst the sea of messages and advertisements on various social networks and communication channels, companies today face tough competition for the attention of their customers and potential customers. On the other hand, the target audience is not interested in reading long, text-heavy content, and their attention is primarily drawn to visual content almost intuitively. Furthermore, according to research (Google, Facebook), video content is the most effective tool for conveying information and driving action. Whether it's Reels on Instagram, a golden television ad, clips on TikTok, or even 3D animated tutorial videos - producing promotional and product videos has proven to be several times more effective than the traditional and outdated approach of informative texts under static images.

Simple and original - the effect of animated videos

In the production of animated videos for businesses, storytelling is the foundation of the entire process. Unlike filming days (which include directors, cameras, production crews, and actors), in the production of animation videos, most of the work will take place in the studio in front of a computer screen. In the production of 3D animated videos, all boundaries of imagination can be broken. A famous example of animation capabilities is a commercial made years ago abroad for a laundry powder company: viewers entered the fabric's texture to see how the powder works on a microscopic level. Storytelling is simple and iconic until today! In other words, in animated videos, animation has a great advantage in its ability to simplify complex messages and present them in an original and creative way, and today it is also affordable.
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The Process of Producing Promotional Videos

In the first stage, we develop the concept. This process includes in-depth research of the target audience and competitors, along with crafting messages according to the brand's or company's DNA. After receiving client approval regarding the chosen concept, we move on to the second stage: filming. This stage begins with scriptwriting (draft after draft until client approval). Once we have a final script, we proceed with the actual production, which includes casting, scheduling, and managing the filming day on-set. Once we finish shooting, we reach the third and final stage: editing. In editing, all the ""magic"" happens. In this stage, we filter, cut, and fine-tune the best moments from the filming day, adding effects and additional elements (such as animation, music, color corrections, etc.) until we obtain a final product that is polished, captivating, and inspiring, just as promotional videos should be.