Broadcast events

The global nature of business today has created a demand in the world of event production: the successful inclusion of employees from all over the world in one LIVE event. One of the central and innovative solutions to this is the production of virtual conferences (broadcasted events) with a new and breakthrough technological character, broadcasting to anywhere in the world. We possess advanced equipment, high technological capabilities, and, of course, a professional staff well-versed in producing virtual conferences. This enables us to create an innovative and dazzling experience that addresses many aspects, which until recently posed challenges for companies in Israel and around the world.

כנסים וירטואליים

A new model following the coronavirus - How it all started

The coronavirus crisis required us to think outside the box and adapt the world of events and conferences to the new reality imposed on the world. By using advanced technology, we discovered a new field: virtual event production (broadcasted events), which primarily addressed one of the key challenges at that time: deepening the sense of belonging among society members (who work from home) participating in the event. At first, it was difficult to convince clients and artists, but gradually a new hybrid model was born that changed the face of event production, and today it is especially suitable for international companies wishing to hold a global event.

Virtual Event - Hybrid Model and Immersive Experience

Today, most international companies adopt the hybrid model due to its convenience. One of the main advantages of a virtual corporate event is the ability to overcome limitations of space, time, and distance, and turn it into a complete immersive experience. Thanks to this, we can hold a discussion with several speakers located in different places and times around the world and still create the feeling that they are sitting together on the same panel. Additionally, participants can join the event from the office, home, or even from their car. In one platform, there is no limit to the number of participants, and it is possible to combine artists or speakers from abroad. With the integration of cutting-edge technological means, it is possible to create online avatar systems, screen splits, room splits, and interactive interactions through chat. The experience in a virtual event breaks boundaries.
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What is needed for a virtual event?

conferences require a robust and reliable logistical and technical system, including mobile broadcasting, a closed communication circuit, strong internet, routing cameras, a control room, and a director who knows how to navigate the broadcast between different elements (transitions and the broadcast itself). Additionally, our studio specializes in unique computer-generated design (3D with green screen) for the broadcasting studio, as well as designing additional graphic elements (headlines, supers, images, tables, etc.) that are an essential part of any live broadcast in virtual conferences. This way, we create a virtual world that suits a specific organization or company. It may sound like a lot to take care of, but we have a department that specializes in producing broadcast events, bringing them to the highest professional level in the market today.