Lightbox Booth

לייטבוקס - קראון אומקור

The process of setting up lightbox booths in front of the client begins with receiving an initial detailed brief with needs, emphases, and important values as much as possible. Our booth team meets with the creative team and holds an internal meeting to prepare directions. Afterwards, they meet with the client to present all the […]

Space Week Broadcast

מציאות מדומה לעסקים

We had a month to produce an unforgettable broadcast in honor of Israeli Space Week, and in addition to also building lesson plans for the Online Academy – it was challenging. We created content for children and managed to pique their curiosity, and in the fields of science it’s simply mind-blowing! To tell the truth, […]

Opening Item for AbbVie

An inspirational brand film presenting the technological future in everyday life areas through advanced 3D animation combined with AI post-production.

Animation Video for the Innovation Authority

הפקת סרטון אנימציה לעסקים

A video from the ‘Doco Knowledge’ series. Short infographic videos that concisely and accurately summarize the key points on a particular topic. A unique editing and content production format by BY Studio for a special technological knowledge project of the Innovation Authority.

Virtual Event for Meitav Employers

כנסים וירטואליים

Employers’ Conference in the Corona Era – From Crisis to Opportunity. A virtual event for Meitav employers hosted by Ya’akov Eilon and featuring senior panelists from the economy.

Night Club for CyberArk

A virtual event inspired by the TV show ‘Night Club’ in honor of Purim for CyberArk. A witty, humorous and satirical live show entirely written inspired by the ‘Night Club’ TV show for and tailored to the company. Additionally, three special songs were produced starring the company’s employees alongside Tal Friedman, Uri Laizerowitz and Tali […]

Innovation Report Launch

Launch event for the 2020 Innovation Authority report. We produced the event at the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. We rented several locations within the museum. The theater area accommodated around 500 people, hosted by Amalya Duek, with the participation of Economy Minister Eli Cohen and other senior figures from the economy. In the lobby […]

Event for Micha Stocks

An annual event for the successful and famous YouTuber ‘Micha Stocks’. Every year, Micha returns to us for a grand production for his fan community at Tel Aviv University, Smolarz Auditorium. Around 1000 people come to listen to his lectures for several hours on the subject of finance.

Family event for MobileEye at Superland

About 4,000 people attended the family event for MobileEye at Superland, Rishon LeZion. We created a huge family carnival that provided an experience for all ages, from the youngest to the oldest. A magnificent adults’ area with a beer garden, massages, casino games alongside background music by the wonderful DJ Dalit Rechester! The event ended […]

3D booth for AbbVie – Humira

In a futuristic technological production, we created a 3D sky-line booth that encapsulated interactive photo stations. How interactive? 95% of event attendees participated in the activities!

Indigo Opening Item

הפקת כנסים וירטואליים לעסקים

An opening item featuring a 3D animation according to the brand’s guidelines for an HP Indigo customer event.

85 Years of Reinhold Cohn


A promotional documentary film entirely created in 3D animation, telling the inspiring story of Israel’s first patent office, which has evolved into the leading patent firm for the past 85 years.

Whitney Houston’s Avatar

The first avatar project of Whitney Houston was created using AI technology in a unique DEEPFAKE method that combines a human model with a three-dimensional model, connecting to an immersive video experience that brought Whitney back to life for the New Year’s performance of Naomi Shemer’s ‘At the New Year’. As part of the project, […]

Elvis Presley’s Avatar

The first avatar of Elvis Presley was created using AI technology in a unique DEEPFAKE method that combines a human model with a three-dimensional model, connecting to an immersive video experience that brought Elvis Presley back to life for the New Year’s performance of Naomi Shemer’s ’12 Yarchei’ (12 Months). As part of the project, […]

“The Masked Singer” Concept


The version of the successful television format “The Masked Singer,” includes replicating the physical studio of the show into a virtual studio with identical appearance.

A live show featuring Audi and Aviad

An original television format starring Audi and Aviad, with additional guest artists, led by the content concept and production of BY Productions.

A video about the song “Tuna” by the organization “Yesh Mezav.”


An opening item for the annual event of the “Yesh Mezav” association, produced in a joint effort between us and Session 42. We recreated the song “Yah 2” by Tuna with four teenage singers. The multimedia set design was crafted using advanced AI animation technologies. The entire production was volunteered in support of the “Yesh […]

An immersive center at an event

A futuristic technology-themed event created entirely using various AI platforms in all aspects: event design, multimedia content, interactive and immersive experiences in virtual and physical environments. Even the event host, an AI-generated digital persona, co-hosts alongside Dror Globerson.